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Getting Started

Uncover the truth to what's blocking your health goals.

Our team works with you as your health specialists to help you implement a strategy designed to get to the real root cause of your chronic health challenges so your body, mind and soul can feel alive day to day.


Free 15-Minute Call
Health is a personal topic, and paying someone you've never met before can be intimidating. Therefore, we offer this no-obligation, 100% free phone call to briefly discuss your health concerns and goals, talk about how we can help, and pair you with the right coach. Our practice is completely virtual and our clients live across the country so no need to live in Denver to work with us!


Initial Consultation
In this 90 minute appointment, we will deep dive into your health, starting by running a comprehensive rather than generalized blood panel and asking the right questions to uncover the history of your symptoms, to start putting together the pieces to your puzzle right away. You will leave with an action plan, including nutrition, lifestyle, nutraceutical, and functional lab recommendations, and an understanding of the big picture and our trajectory and over the next few months. We will then work together to determine the best Wellness Plan to help you seamlessly reach your goals.


Wellness Plans
Our process is very progressive, and is designed to get to the root cause of the issues so we can apply personalized solutions for long lasting results. Let's be real: deep, optimal healing doesn't happen overnight, and it's important for your wellness journey to fit seamlessly into your life and budget. Our proprietary Wellness Plans are tailored to meet your specific needs and include:

Plans range from 4-7 months with flexible monthly payment options available!

Online Health and Nutrition

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Contact Kimsey of you have questions. Email or call (512) 970-3532.


Integrative Health and Nutrition for Chronic Conditions

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