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Anxiety Program

The Chaos to Calm Anxiety Program

For burned out do-it-all'ers with anxiety that is impacting how you show up in your career, relationships, or day-to-day life, and are ready for a holistic approach to feel more balanced, present, and alive.

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If you have been...
  • More snappy, irritable, and reactive towards little annoyances...
  • Exhausted, feeling constantly on edge and overwhelmed...
  • Lying awake at night with thoughts racing through your head...
  • Experiencing chronic symptoms, like fatigue, muscle tension, or digestive issues...
  • Contemplating medication but prefer a natural alternative...
This program is for you.
The Program in a Nutshell

The Chaos to Calm Anxiety Program is a self-paced online program that encompasses a body-mind approach designed to guide you through the 3 most important pillars of physical and mental health:

  • Nutrition: Whole Foods, anti-inflammatory nutrition plan complete with recipes, menu plans and shopping lists
  • Nervous system regulation: Increase stress resiliency and reframe limiting beliefs
  • Gut health: Optimize the microbiome and gut-brain connection for mental health

Work With Us

Led by Integrative Nutritionist, Kimsey Bourquin, you will be guided through each pillar through a combination of 1:1 sessions with personalized recommendations. By the end of the program, you can not only expect to feel more centered, grounded, and armed with powerful tools, but may also notice improvements in your energy, digestion, sleep, skin, weight, and overall wellbeing.

Here's a sneak peak at our program

We kick off with a private, 45-minute 1:1 consultation with Kimsey to dive into your health history, symptoms, and goals, and outline your personalized action plan for lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements.
Nutrition & Nervous System
In month 1, we start by building a strong foundation through food and nervous system regulation. You'll receive an anti-inflammatory, whole foods nutrition plan complete with recipes, menu plans, and shopping lists, along with mind & body-based exercises designed to calm and regulate your nervous system. Option to add on a food sensitivity test!
Brain and Biome
This month is all about the gut-brain connection: You'll gain a deep understanding of the gut-brain axis, and we'll incorporate evidence-based methods for optimizing digestion, absorption, and the microbiome balance to support mood and mental health. Option to add on a comprehensive stool test!
Making It Last
None of this matters if the benefits end when the program finishes! In the last month, we'll reflect on the gains you've made and continue to forge a deep connection with your food, lifestyle, mind and body, so you know exactly what to do to keep feeling your best.

*Plus, you'll have LIFETIME access to the Chaos to Calm Online Course to go back and reference whenever needed!*

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Special - Only $37!