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We believe in a world where the integration of our physical, spiritual, and mental health becomes our greatest source of strength in the pursuit of our highest potential. Progressive Health and Wellness is a nutrition and wellness company that embraces a root-cause, body-mind approach to help anxious do-it-all'ers optimize their mental and physical health.

Help with Anxiety

The Chaos To Calm Anxiety Program

Do you struggle with anxiety that is impacting your day-to-day life? Are you ready for a holistic approach to feel more balanced, and alive.

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Mental Health Nutrition

Let's fix the root issues and support the ideal function of your mind and body to successfully restore optimal health and wellbeing.

functional testing

How Functional Testing Can Help You

No two stories are alike. Let's get to the physical roots of your anxiety and depression.

nutrition plan

Nutrition Therapy

No more confusion about what to eat. We have research-based and personalized therapeutic plans.

DO YOU FEEL Exhausted, constantly on edge, and anxious?
DO YOU FEEL Dismissed by doctors even when you know something is wrong?
DO YOU FEEL Chronic symptoms, like digestive issues, insomnia, pain, or fatigue?
DO YOU FEEL Confused about what to eat?
DO YOU FEEL Like your health is holding you back from who you want to be and the life you want to live?


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Things to keep your health on track.

Gadgets, pantry items, personal care, books and more!


pro·gres·sive prəˈɡresiv/ adjective 1. happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step. noun 1. a person advocating for or implementing new ideas.
Kimsey Self, Health and Nutrition Services

Who's behind PH&W?

Kimsey is the founder and owner of Progressive Health and Wellness. Her passion for health began at an early age and has never waned. With 10 years in the field, Kimsey holds a Master of Arts degree in Natural Medicine, two Bachelor's degrees in both Holistic Health Sciences and Business Administration and a certification in holistic nutrition from the Nutrition Therapy Institute. She still regularly attends medical and business conferences to stay current on the latest information.


"Kimsey has been able to sort through my gut issues and help me tackle a cancer diagnosis. She has steered me in the right direction given my circumstances while still listening to my needs."
- Tara S, Colorado

"Kimsey is very knowledgeable, loves to learn and to research. Every problem I encountered became a topic of interest for her, and she spent extra time helping me. I'm very grateful for her program."
- Jennifer T, Texas

"Kimsey is an actual genius with a heart of gold. Best investment I could have made in myself! NOTE - YOU CAN LIVE ANYWHERE AND BE HER CLIENT!"
- Lisa B, North Carolina


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