2019 Denver Business Journal's Outstanding Women in Business Nominee

Our Mission & Purpose

online wellnes coachProgressive Health and Wellness is not your standard wellness consulting company. We're creating a movement. Our mission and purpose can be thought of as a funnel: Everything is filtered through our big-picture vision, and achieved through our day-to-day actions.

That vision is a world that knows true health. True health is not just about a body that is free of disease. It is about healing, connecting, and integrating the 4 points that make us empowered humans - mind, body, spirit, and purpose. Life is meant to be meaningful and enjoyed. By achieving true health, you can then, in turn, accomplish your own mission and purpose with clarity, intention, and excitement. Like a match to kindling, we’re creating a movement of truly healthy individuals – a force strong enough to change the world.

We are driven by connection – helping people connect their mind, body, spirit, and purpose; helping people connect with their mind, body, spirit, and purpose; connect with their food and where it comes from; connect with their environment; connect with others; connect with the source that created it all.

The path to get there involves spreading awareness and making alternative, complimentary therapies accessible to everyone. PH&W honors this through its virtual design, unbound by geography. In addition, we have formed strategic, global partnerships with leaders in the industry that share a similar vision. When you lock arms with us, not only will your own life change, but you will help improve the lives for thousands of others, too.