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Services - Nutrition Therapy

nutrition consulting

Clinical nutrition therapy is the development, education, and oversight of a nutritional program based on a detailed assessment of your personal and family medical history, dietary history and habits, lab testing, lifestyle, and goals. Progressive Health and Wellness is science-based, meaning all suggestions are derived from current research and multiple credible resources, not opinion. We also analyze blood chemistry from a functional perspective (screening for health rather than disease), assessing patterns and devising strategies. Just because your lab tests are "normal" does not mean underlying metabolic conditions aren't present. When necessary, we also refer out to appropriate physicians and specialists.

At PH&W, we specialize in, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

"To say I recommend working with Kimsey is an understatement! Being diagnosed with cancer obviously changed my life. What I didn’t know is that it would lead me to find and work with Kimsey, which has made an even bigger impact on my life. My goal in working with Kimsey was cancer prevention but I also struggled for many years with chronic knee pain. It got so bad that I could barely walk down the stairs in December of 2017. I started Kimsey’s initial plan for me in January 2018 and within 2 weeks my knee pain was gone! I am also happy to report that I have been cancer free for 1.5 years!! It took changing my lifestyle as directed by Kimsey but I am so thankful that I did and have my knees back, in addition to many overall health improvements. If you are looking to find someone to help you get back on track then look no further than Kimsey!"

- Tommy D., Colorado