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Services - Corporate Wellness

According to the CDC, preventable chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer (35-45% of all cancers are related to diet and lifestyle according to the latest research), stroke, Alzheimer's, and diabetes, are all included in the top 10 most common causes of death. With an average annual per capita health care spending of close to $10,000, lifestyle disorders are predicted to bankrupt our healthcare system in the next 50 years. For the conventional medical industry, there is no money in a healthy person. For corporations and small business alike, however, there is no money in a sick person.

Progressive Health and Wellness offers a variety of both short-term and long-term Worksite Wellness services geared to improving the health of your employees, thereby increasing productivity and morale, and decreasing sick days and voluntary attrition rates. Since PH&W conducts the majority of its services virtually, we will fit seamlessly into your employees' busy workdays. Below is the list of services that we provide, with additional services possible upon request:

  • Lunch-n-Learn educational seminars
  • One-on-one functional medicine consulting
  • Employee "Challenges", including weight loss, fitness, and detoxification challenges
  • Weekly Healthy Living newsletters
  • Healthy Living Package (most popular choice): Six months of weekly and bi-weekly individual functional medicine consulting, dietary analysis, and weekly newsletters

To find out more information or to register your business, please email Kimsey.

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