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About Progressive Health & Wellness

Progressive Health and Wellness, LLC provides virtual wellness consulting and education services that will dramatically improve the way you feel and empower you to attain a new level of health. We combine a holistic approach with science and research-based analysis to accurately identify the underlying problems so effective solutions can be applied. To honor our belief that education is power, we also provide public speaking engagements, online classes and workshops, media interviews, article writing, and corporate wellness services.

How We're Different

First and foremost, keep the big picture in mind. When you choose Progressive, you contribute to the healing of not only yourself, but thousands of others as well (Reference Exhibit B: Our Mission and Purpose). Physics teaches us that this momentum will circle around and help YOU improve YOUR health.

The rest can be explained in this traditional, straight-forward, bullet-pointed fashion:
• Unmatched convenience
• Competitive pricing
• Integrative, comprehensive approach (tired of one practitioner saying this, and another saying that? We are too, so we put all the pieces together for you)
• Functional testing recommendations and interpretation
• Science, research-based, and personalized therapeutic plans
• "Treat the person, not the disease" mentality
• Focus on prevention and early detection as much as possible

online wellnes coachIn addition, we work with only the highest respected labs in the industry to fully evaluate the objective state of your health. Testing includes, but is not limited to:
• Comprehensive blood work
• Hormone testing
• Heavy metals and other environmental chemicals
• Food sensitivities
• Gastrointestinal
• Nutrient status
• Genetics
• Detoxification

"When I contacted Kimsey at PH&W six months ago, I was miserable. I felt like crap every single day. I was severely fatigued, had insomnia and experienced anxiety and panic attacks almost daily. I was almost 300 lbs and at a loss for how I could turn tings around on my own.

Enter Kimsey.

After our first consultation, I knew my life was going to change. Kimsey has an almost freakish knowledge and understanding of how the body works. You can hear the passion and excitement in her voice when she is explaining its processes and protocols. She listens to all your complaints, your goals and takes an exhaustive assessment. It's funny because I remember her almost lighting up like a Christmas tree as I summed up my problems. After listening actively and empathetically, she tells you the good news- she can absolutely help you!

She then explains what she suspects are the causes and proposes a plan of action. It's as if she looks at all the puzzle pieces you dumped out in front of her and she just gets it. Like a savant, she can just see how they fit together. She will order lab work to confirm her hypothesis and then get you started on a plan to reverse it all.

I am down 23 lbs, I sleep soundly each night. I have come off of 2 of my medications. The anxiety and panic attacks are very rare now. I have energy and I feel in control of my health.

Kimsey is an actual genius with a heart of gold. Best investment I could have made in myself! NOTE- YOU CAN LIVE ANYWHERE AND BE HER CLIENT! Kimsey conducts her visits via zoom meetings. (Like Skype). She orders lab work and everything is sent to your home, you can go to a local lab to have blood drawn and they send it back and she gets the results to share with you!"

- Lisa B, North Carolina